DigiTour of the Halberstadt Cathedral Museum

Over three hundred treasures, valuable robes, carpets, paintings, and liturgical tools, are on display on the upper level of the cloisters.

DigiTour introduces visitors to these art treasures from the Middle Ages. Short introductions explain the Mass, the Liturgy of the Hours, veneration of relics, and church adornments, relating them to the exhibits. Detailed illustrations, shown on the PDA, help the viewers to decode the figures of the large wall hangings and altar paintings. Floorplans of the Cathedral show where the exhibited objects originally stood, where they were used and contemplated.

Visitors can see where they are in the Cathedral, and which areas they have already visited, on the integrated floorplans. Guest services can be found as easily as the route from the exhibition to the Cathedral.

Full information about all the exhibition areas and the Cathedral can be directly accessed from the floorplans. The displays of the exhibit are closely coupled to their origins – the Cathedral itself.

The tour guide is available in both German and English.

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