Hoist the Jolly Roger!

There are many exciting things to see and experience on a pirate ship. But daily life on board is not just an adventure.

Two audio productions about life on a pirate ship have been available, since February 26, 2008, at the Children’s Olympus of the Altona Museum. A twelve year old cabin boy and the old powder master, Hein, have thrilling chats that make one thing clear: the ship is only successful when all crew members are experts in their crafts, and pull their own weight. If they don’t, the gallows or wet deaths await them.

The audio plays enrich the interactive display, “Hoist the Jolly Roger!” Four to ten year old children can learn about ocean voyages, and travel the seven seas in their imaginations, in this new version of the successful Children’s Olympus.

The recorded pirate stories are a co-production of the Altona Museum and DigiKultur. An attraction that makes children want to visit the museum.